by Shirley Crichton

Do you know what autoresponders are, or how they can be used to maximise sales and profits from your email list? In this article, I’ll be looking at the basics of autoresponders and also giving some more in-depth ideas for using them most effectively.

So, let’s start at with “what is an autoresponder?”

At it’s simplest, an autoresponder is a pre-written and stored email that is sent in response to an action by someone on your website.

Autoresponders are the basic tool of Internet Marketing. They enable all your communications with your customers and prospects to be set up and programmed to run by themselves. Without them, you’d have to spend all your time emailing and you’d find it difficult to create a successful online business that relies on email marketing.

For example, if you have a contact box, you may initially send an instant automated message thanking people for their query, to let them know that you’ve received it and that you will reply soon. This sort of single response autoresponder will usually be included in your web hosting package and is easy to set up by following the webhost’s instructions.

The other common area where you will use autoresponders is when someone signs up to your email list, or buys or downloads something from your site. Again, you’ll send them some appropriate instant response, thanking them for their action. Only this time, because with these people will have been added to your email list, the response will come via your email list service, like

Now, if you know how to use them most effectively, this is where autoresponders will pay huge dividends.

And here’s how. Whenever people join your list, I’m sure that you’ll send them a single thank you auto responder similar to your response for the contact query. And then maybe keep in touch from time to time by emailing your whole list with one-off updates or sales pitches.

This is a common approach and it completely misses the tremendous opportunity autoresponders offer for building a trusted and appreciated relationship with your list and improving your sales.

Now the way to take advantage of the true power of autoresponders to build this relationship and increase sales, is to set up a whole sequence of them on an ongoing basis, so that your list receive regular, interesting and engaging communications, that give them useful information and keep them looking forward to the next one.

This is where you build your relationship and position yourself as an authority, so that when you do make recommendations for your own or affiliate products, your recommendation will be best received.

You don’t have to set up all the autoresponders at once. For example, you might create three or four to go out in the first week or two after someone joins your list. Typically these would be thanking them and asking if they received whatever incentive you offered.

Then you can start the follow up series, maybe once every week or two, to continue and build upon your relationship.

The biggest advantage for you here is the time saving in contacting your list. Once you have created the autoresponders, you know that they will be delivered in the same sequence to everyone who joins your list and, by continually adding autoresponders, that sequence can go on as long as you want. You just create the autoresponder once and it goes to everyone who joins, at the right time, completely automatically.

An important point to remember here is that these autoresponders may be in use for years, so it’s essential to make them “evergreen”. That is, avoid mentioning anything that would date them. You can still use single emails to your whole list from time to time with relevant updates and this is how to send something current that you want them to know.

So that’s how to ensure maximum benefit from your use of autoresponder sequences. Now, for those with some experience, here’s an extra useful income generating tip, using Google Adsense.

From time to time, instead of your normal message, just send a short message asking people to click to a webpage you’ve set up with a useful article for them. Here, as well as the article, you can include relevant Adsense ads. Since the ads are related to the article topic, some people will click on them and you’ll get a no-cost bonus income. And, since this is part of your autoresponder sequence, it will run automatically as each person gets to that place in the sequence.

Isn’t that neat?

About the Author

Shirley Crichton is a UK information marketer, passionate about sharing what she has learnt with people new to this often confusing world . Do you want to learn more about getting your internet marketing business started and profitable? Claim your free and comprehensive 95-page report ‘ Online Marketing Made Easy’ at to give yourself a head start.

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