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There are quite literally thousands of web marketing tools to select from and all easily offered on the Internet for direct download. Yet there are a limited amount of chores an internet marketer is required to carry out in his campaigns. So what does the newbie entrepreneur require in the way of web marketing tools in order to develop into a triumphant internet marketer?

The mainstream of successful internet based entrepreneurs will normally use only a half a dozen differing web marketing tools on a frequent basis. Their daily, weekly or monthly responsibilities can commonly be carried out manually, although that practice is often extremely time-consuming, not to mention tedious. However, the use of web marketing tools means that these chores can be carried out automatically and in a fraction of the time. So lets first look at the typical chores included in the day-to-day activities of the average Internet marketer..

Now.. Whichever type of Internet marketing promotion any online entrepreneur chooses to implement, the one thing he has in common with his fellow marketers is the need for traffic. The success of his campaigns will be dependant on how much targeted traffic he can drive to his site or desired affiliate link. Accordingly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is likely to be high on the list of marketer’s responsibilities. SEO encompasses a variety of chores all designed to get a web site to the top of page one of the Google Search Engine for specially chosen key words or phrases.

Nowadays it is in the main acknowledged that the most crucial feature of SEO is link building.. Building a decent quantity of backlinks from authority sites is likely to increase PageRank (reflecting Googles impression of a website’s importance). This practice is likely to supercharge a site’s status in the SERPS, which in turn is likely to bring extra quality traffic to the web site, and consequently boost sales. But before you can start link building you will need to search for a profitable niche and investigate keywords to use in the link building process. There are an abundance of ways to build links and the two most popular methods of link building are through social network marketing and article marketing. Social network involves the posting of links on authority web sites and article marketing requires the submission of articles to the major article directories. Then there is the submission of Press releases, RSS and Blogs which are all part of the link building process.

For my own part I possess six Internet marketing tools that I have bought on-line and the rest of my less essential marketing software programs tools are accessible as complimentary downloads or free online tools. My pick of six includes Magic Article Rewriter, Bookmarking Demon, Article Submitter Platinum, The Web Traffic Genius, Micro Niche Finder, and Traffic Travis. These six web marketing tools tools handle the best part of my everyday responsibilities, and it is my opinion that they are the best web marketing tools to carry out the job they are required to do! So let’s take a close look at the jobs that each of my selection of six web marketing tools performs for me on a daily basis!

<strong>Micro Niche Finder</strong> is without any doubt the best keyword research software on the Internet today. It’s awesome for carrying out keyword research, and you are able to check the demand for any niche and volume of competition, then you can analyze that competition and actually build a higher ranking for your own website/blog/article for the keywords you choose. So why do I believe that Micro Niche Finder is of a better standard than other similar web marketing tools? Micro Niche Finder lets you probe deeper than it’s competitors, by using synonyms to check on related keywords and phrases, google trends search, and even Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). The price of Micro Niche Finder is very reasonable with regular updates to keep up with ever-changing trends.

<strong>Magic Article Rewriter</strong> At this time there’s a great deal of competition in the article spinner arena and to be frank with you, I’ve played with them all! Many of these applications create content that makes no sense or re-written in badly written English. However, Magic Article Rewriter is quick and easy to understand and use by using [spin][/spin] tags or word1 tags, (whichever you prefer to use) as it highlights every word or phrase, suggesting alternatives. You can easily take a PLR article, and word for word, systematically go through it choosing alternatives for each word. The software will then offer you hundreds of unique variation of the original article, and the best thing for me is, all of the new articles are all written in good English and make perfect sense. Magic Article Rewriter performs everything I need in an article spinner and the price, frequency of updates, and support are nothing short of wonderful.

<strong>Article Submitter Platinum</strong> – In my view the most important detail of my article submission campaigns is the success rate of each of my submissions. There is not a lot to be gained from having submission software that submits to 1000s of article directories if only a few of them are posted successfully. From my own research I place Brad Callan’s article submission software way ahead of any other software programs particularly in it’s success rates. This great new Platinum version of Article Submitter brings the art of article marketing to a whole new level. It’s quick, simple to operate and extremely reliable. Successful marketing campaigns are often built around extremely reliable web marketing tools.

<strong>Bookmarking Demon</strong> The first time I played with Bookmarking Demon it took no time for me to come to the conclusion that this software is amongst the most useful web marketing tools on the Internet. Bookmarking Demon will auto join and create profiles at over 100 Social Bookmarking websites and then submit your bookmarks to them on auto-pilot and I use Bookmarking Demon to post bookmarks for every article, Hubpage or Squidoo lens I have published. This energises the in bound links I have around the Internet and makes them much more powerful in the eyes of the major search engines. There are alternative web marketing tools which claim similar results, but believe me, no other software compares with Bookmarking Demon if you are looking for quick, easy and successful submissions to the social bookmarking communities.

<strong>The Web Traffic Genius</strong> RSS (really simple syndication) feeds are an very effective strategy to use in the marketing of your online business to quickly and easily get the “edge” over most of your online competitors. The Web Traffic Genius provides a very important aspect of my own online marketing campaigns. The software automatically creates RSS feeds for my website content and then submit those feeds to the important RSS aggregator sites, which are considered by the search engines to be high authority websites. This is done completely on auto-pilot and provides my backlinks with the ‘juice’ to get me to the top of page one for my chosen keywords or phrases! Support is excellent with video tutorials for every aspect of using this most awesome of web marketing tools.

<strong>Traffic Travis</strong> – I use this software along with my other web marketing tools. This great little software program allows you to do lots of things like: Discover profitable keywords and create keyword lists, you can get on page SEO analysis and find back-links to any website. I use it in the main to keep a check on how my keywords are ranking and how my incoming links are growing in number. It’s a must have tool and you can download the basic program free. I recommend that you definitely try this out soon.

So there you have my choice of six of the finest web marketing tools for the Internet marketer. Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science as many would lead you to believe. You are almost guaranteed to get your web page onto page one of Google SERPS for highly profitable keywords simply by using these six web marketing tools to create more high authority backlinks than your competitors. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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