by Neil Morrical

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business, website, or product. However; it is not without its pitfalls. It does no good to send your message out to thousands of email accounts, only to have most of them end up in a spam folder. Even if your message gets to the right folder in a potential customer’s inbox, you still have to get their attention. Below, you will find four tips to help increase your email list’s efficiency and create the commission overload that you are aiming for.

#1 Successful Delivery

If your emails do not reach potential customers, then your hard work is never going to pay off. The email filters today are quite impressive. Make sure the email gets to the prospect by using a good service like “aweber” so your emails don’t go to the spam folder and don’t use “filter bait” such as the words: free, money, profit, specials, discount, or debt.

Symbols that you should avoid include $ signs, exclamation marks, other currency values, and avoid using all capital letters. You can run your email through a spam checking tool and correct any issues it may find within your email message. You will have a much better chance at developing a commission overload with a higher delivery rate.

#2 Increase the Open Rate

Don’t use a fake or generic name in the “from” field. Most of the better quality email service providers, such as “aweber”, will give you a choice on how your “from” and “reply-to” address appear. Use your company or brand name in the “from” line, as this is what oftentimes helps people to decide which emails they will open. Additionally, this technique will assist you in branding yourself. This ultimately helps you reach that commission overload you are hoping for.

A great subject line can make your email open rates soar. One error that many marketers make is that they wait until the last minute to start creating their subject lines. Instead, put some serious thought into it. Use your company or brand name, keep it brief, and use it to accurately represent the message of your email. Don’t falsify the subject line, either. The federal CAN-SPAM Act is quite specific about what constitutes non-compliance. Additionally, you almost always want to create some intrigue or curiosity within your subject line.

#3 Increase the CTR

Obviously, your CTR will only improve if your open rate improves. However, getting people to click on a link is not as difficult as you might think. If a potential customer has already opened your email, then you are one step close to getting the action you need.

Some tips to help increase CTR include using short paragraphs, with line breaks between them. Don’t make the email wide, so there is no need to scroll from side to side. Answer the reader’s questions, such as why you sent the email, what you have to offer, and why they need to act now. Vagueness is good to a point but give the reader instructions on what to do when once they click the line, such as watch a video or download something. Another very effective tactic is to create a sense of scarcity or limited time opportunity for the reader, in order to encourage instant action.

A Final Thought

Email marketing can be very effective and quite inexpensive when compared to other advertising methods. However, it’s not something that you can set up and just forget about. You will need to monitor which formats bring you the best results and keep adjusting your emails for better response so you can create a commission overload.

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